Nick Scarpone (aka “Nick The Painter”) is the Vice President at Stenton Corp., a family run commercial painting and coatings contractor operating out of Essington, PA.

At the center of Nick’s universe is his family.  His wonderful and loving wife and his three fantastic kids keep him humble and motivated each and every day.  Nick’s home course is Applebrook Golf Club located in Malvern, PA.  His current index  is 8.5.

After (and sometimes during) a round of golf or hanging out with Coach Lou and his friends, Nick The Painter enjoys a Lagavulin 16 (or JW Black as the go to scotch!) and a good cigar.

The game of golf has brought years of both agony and joy to Nick’s life.  Along the way, he has made some tremendous lifelong friendships and watched his children become better players than he has become.  

Over the coming months and years, members of the Transformation Golf community will be able to watch Nick as he continues to work on and transform his game.