The Doc – He’s The Country Club Guy
When The Doc – He’s the Country Club Guy – walked into The Center over a decade ago, he was a 25 handicap.  He was an athlete growing up, but over his adult years, began to drift away from competitive sports.  
When asked about his memory of his first lesson with Lou, he recalls the interview process and the questions Lou asked like, “what do you think the golf swing is all about?  Where did the swing come from-the body or the hands?  Where is your weight when swinging?  What do you think about when swinging the club?”  
To all these questions, The Doc – He’s the Country Club Guy – had ALL the answers.  He was  addicted to golf videos and had studied them endlessly on YouTube.  He quoted instructors, well-known teachers, and certain TV personalities ‘verbatim.’ 
After listening to him talk, Coach Lou looked at him and said, “forget all of that.  I don’t want you to think about a thing. I want you to relax and let your natural ability come out and most importantly, have fun.”
It was then that The Doc’s transformation began!
After 15 years of hard work, The Doc’s handicap has decreased 50%, despite having a full-time career and family.  He has transformed into a competitive ‘country club’ golfer.  
As The Country Club Guy, The Doc recently said, ” I like to think that I can communicate to Lou what the ‘country club golfer’ thinks about when playing golf on the weekends.”  In this sense and in matters of the Country Club Culture, he has become the teacher and Coach Lou the student … that’s why He’s the Country Club Guy!
Through the years, Lou and The Doc have worked hard together to simplify The Doc’s swing, creating a repeatable and reliable action.  Most importantly, Lou has taught The Doc to have fun!
And one last thing … learning about scotch at the end of a lesson together has been an added benefit to The Doc’s transformation!