The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor and Lou go back nearly 20 years.  From Flourtown Country Club to Experienced Golf Center to Lower State Road Driving Range to the dental chair and finally on to Talamore Country Club, Lou and The Good Doctor have had lots of good times both on and off the course!
The friendship just continues to grow. At the core of it all is fun, curiosity, creativity, some competition, and, of course, learning. They both know it’s a lifelong growing experience but they enjoy the ride along the way. A past club champion, and senior club champion, The Good Doctor at this point is interested in learning new ideas about the swing, and enjoys picking the brains of those in the know. In short, he’s always searching.  For The Good Doctor, it’s not always about competition as much as it’s about the journey … think Ty Webb and his zen monk approach to the game! 
He often helps others with their games, focusing mostly on the short game. As The Good Doctor puts it, “some of my most enjoyable and productive times have come with Lou and Patrick (“Our Man Patrick” that is!!!!) at the short Game Center. We love trying new chipping ideas with the goal of getting it to 3 feet. And, of course, we’ve exchanged some funds, but mostly learned a lot. In addition to the fun on the course or practice area, Lou has taught me the finer qualities of scotch … although that peaty stuff is way too strong!  What I love and respect most about Lou as a coach is his flexibility in the learning process. He does not ‘force’ a method on his students; rather, he works with the student by learning about them first, then crafts a plan to help them.”
You will see The Good Doctor in videos from the dental office to On Course Fun and much more!